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The Subaru World Rally Team, otherwise known as SWRT, was the automaker’s World Rally Championship (WRC) team. The team raced in the WRC from 1980-2008, leaving behind a legacy of greatness. While it might not be possible to be an SWRT racer in the WRC these days, you can still enjoy the thrill of a high-performance car with our lineup of WRX and WRX STI models. Schedule your test drive at Rivertown Subaru in Columbus, GA.

History of the Subaru World Rally Team

Subaru models had participated in the WRC many times from 1980 on. However, the Subaru World Rally Team didn’t officially form until September 1989. That’s when the group that is so widely known came to be. At that time, Subaru Tecnica International joined in partnership with Prodrive to introduce a Legacy RS into the WRC.

Early cars included a 1980 Safari Rally, Leone RX Turbo and the FF-1. Some of the first drivers included Per Eklund, Mike Kirkland, Ar Vatanen, Harald Demuth and Possum Bourne. In the early years, the only podium finish occurred in the 1987 Rally New Zealand when Bourne took third place. It was clear, even from the beginning, that these rally cars and drivers would go on to do great things.

Championship Bound

Throughout the years, Subaru continued to advance its lineup, including the BOXER® engine and all-wheel-drive. With the cars continuing to become more advanced and the drivers learning more skills, there was nowhere to go but up. The Subaru World Rally Team became a championship winning contender that everyone wanted to be like. In fact, there were so many wins worth mentioning, it’s hard to fit them all into one post.

In 1991, DiMarco drove his Subaru Legacy to win the POR Rally. Shortly after that, in 1995, Paul Eklund dropped his Legacy turbo engine into a Subaru Impreza to create the renowned USX. Even Travis Pastrana, the X Games® gold medalist began a rally career in 2000 with the SRTUSA Vermont Sports Car. He helped to win the first national rally title in 2006. You see, through the racing careers of these people and the precision-engineered cars, the Subaru World Rally Team has surely made a name for itself over the years.

What Will Your Next Adventure Be?

If ever you were looking to experience the best adventure out there, there’s no better automaker with the experience needed to build a thrilling car. After the success of the Subaru World Rally Team, it’s clear that this is the only manufacturer that can build a capable, fun car to drive. From the Subaru Ascent to the Legacy and Outback, these vehicles provide an adventure, a powerful engine and the best fuel economy. You will want to especially check out the WRX and WRX STI at Rivertown Subaru if you want a rally car experience during your daily commute in Columbus, GA. With the latest Subaru offers, you can save even more. Browse our inventory today.

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